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^ 5th generation, Raymond Luce with his Son Arnold and wife Elaine on Maine Maple Sunday 1987 standing in front of the newly rebuilt Sap house.

> 3rd generation, Benjamin Henry Luce with wife Amantha and their son, 4th generation, Morrill Luce (1885)

^ Raymond Luce won Best Maple Syrup in the State of Maine in 1976 and 1977

The Story of

Luce's Maple Syrup

Luce’s Maple Syrup is an eight generation production that has been in the family since 1795. We take pride in producing the best quality maple syrup by using the same skills and knowledge passed down to us through our ancestors.


Charles Luce of Martha’s Vineyard, MA moved his Family North and helped establish a new town called New Vineyard Maine. They started their trek in the 1790’s and were producing Maple Syrup by 1795. It is said that Charles Luce’s Journey north was guided by an Abanaki tribe member. Perhaps a trading relationship began and the art of making Maple Syrup was passed along. There is little literature written about these times, and we enjoy preserving our family’s history through passed down stories. 


The farm we reside now was bought by Benjamin Henry Luce in 1884. Today we tap some of the same trees and have recently built onto the original sap house that  Benjamin Henry built. Sixth generation, Arnold Luce and his wife Elaine Luce, continue the tradition today. They are joined by their children Adam, Ben, and Amanda and, eighth generation grandson, Isaac. As well as other family members who take pride in the passion for Maple Sugaring. 


We hope you join our passion for carrying on a sweet family tradition. See you at the Sap House!

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